For over 50 years, people of all ages have learned to draw with Bruce McIntyre's books.

Thank you for your interest in drawing! We are certain you will find this program to be the best way to learn to draw. It has been used successfully by thousands of people for over 50 years. Everyone in your family can learn to draw using Bruce McIntyre’s Seven Principles of Drawing.

Drawing is so easy once the Seven Principles of Drawing have been taught that students of any age, even as young as Kindergartners, will be drawing in three dimensions after going through the first lesson a couple of times.

Once you see for yourself how easy it is to draw, you will wonder why drawing is not included in the school curriculums. It is easier to learn than reading or writing. While reading and writing are essential skills they are very complicated and it takes many years before a child can read and write at a level that matches their mind's current level of understanding and capability. With drawing, a far greater level of achievement can be reached by children at an early age. Another great benefit is the three dimensional or spatial awareness that is developed.

Anyone who knows how to draw has the ability to communicate their ideas without being restricted by limited vocabulary or existing imagery. Once drawing is learned, anything that the mind can picture can be drawn.

With Bruce McIntyre's books you will learn to draw, guaranteed!

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