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Drawing Textbook

Drawing Textbook

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Anyone who wants to be able to draw well — meaning able to make drawings that are correct and pleasing to the eye — must utilize the Seven Principles of Drawing taught in this book. Usage of one or more of these principles is necessary for a drawing to look three dimensional. Many people make drawings that look "flat" or two dimensional simply because they have never been taught these principles. Bruce McIntyre's Drawing Textbook will insure you gain a thorough understanding of each of of the Seven Principles of Drawing.

The first 18 pages of Drawing Textbook contains a background discussion of drawing and how it relates to the following topics: education, communication, talent, art, school art programs, and goals for the drawing student.

Following the 18 page introduction, there are 37 pages of lessons with six drawings each — making a total of 222 drawing exercises that are used to introduce, teach, test, and give practice in the use of Bruce’s Seven Principles of Drawing and Alignment. Each exercise introduces a new idea or adds to previous drawing concepts already introduced.

Drawing Textbook is designed to teach drawing at all levels of education from kindergarten through university. Bruce used these very lessons teaching Kindergarten through sixth grade as well as college evening classes for over 25 years. Drawing Textbook has won numerous awards over the last 20 years, in the homeschooling community for art education. 

Written and illustrated by former Walt Disney animator, Bruce McIntyre. This is his most famous and best-selling book. Drawing Textbook is a must for learners of all ages.

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